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eGIVING provides a convenient and secure way to give to a wide variety of options including returning tithe, giving offerings and contributing to local and international projects.

The variety of giving options available requires an accounting and reporting structure at the foundation of eGIVING to ensure that authorised persons may add offerings to the eGIVING system, and that giving reaches its intended recipient/s and is accounted for appropriately.

Who can add offerings to eGIVING?

An offering account owner can add offerings to eGIVING. Authorised persons from the local church e.g. local church treasurer, through to the general conference are able to add offerings to appear on the eGIVING website and mobile app. This is achieved through the creation of ledger accounts. An account has one owner–one entity owns the account, e.g. a local church or conference, and the owner determines the account name/type and description, and if it is available for display in eGIVING.

Church entities

Any of the accounts (shown in blue below) that are available to that entity which have been configured by the account owner to display in eGIVING (shown in green below)

Example of available donation options for a local church; green accounts = visible on eGIVING

Non-church entities

The accounting software that sits beneath eGIVING can be configured for use by non-church business units. Examples of current users include Avondale College, ADRA, Sydney Adventist Hospital (Open Heart International), etc

How can an offering be shown at the top of the list?

eGIVING shows 'featured offerings' (maximum of five) at the top of the screen, to allow entities to make particular giving options more visible. For more details, refer to How do offerings sort and what are featured offerings.

Example showing Featured offering area on the eGIVING website for a local church

How are offerings scheduled?

The weekly offerings shown in eGIVING, i.e. Sabbath School Offering and Weekly Church Offering, reflect the offering schedule, set annually, which shares giving amongst local, national and international needs. The schedule includes offerings administered from the local church through to general conference, and the annual number/frequency for each entity reflects church policy requirements.

eGIVING makes it easy to give to the weekly scheduled offering, see details and instructions at eGIVING Feature - Offering of the Week, and/or you may choose to give differently to the weekly scheduled offering.

Example showing Weekly offerings (within the Featured offering area) on the eGIVING website for a local church

Weekly offerings display when a local church is selected; weekly offerings do not display where a non-church business unit is selected, e.g. ADRA, Avondale College, Sydney Adventist Hospital (Open Heart International), etc

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