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eGIVING is a website which was designed to facilitate the returning of your tithes, offerings and other charitable donations. In this video, we are going to show you how to make a once-off donation. If you a New Zealand tax resident we encourage you to login to eGIVING using MyAdventist as your donations will need to be tracked to be able to create your Tax exemption claim. For Australian users we also encourage you to login to the eGIVING website as this will allow you to see previous donations, reprint receipts, manage your scheduled donations and save your default payment details.

To begin, open the eGIVING website, you can use either or Once the page has loaded, follow the prompts. Select your church. In this instance, it will be Kellyville SDA Church. If you allow the website to use your current location it will find churches in your area

Once selected, you can see a whole list of options for donations, ranging from Education, to World Mission and ADRA. We are going to do return the following $2 for Tithe and $2 for Kellyville SDA Church Budget. Find the relevant section, and enter the amount you wish to donate. Press tab, or click outside of the input cell to calculate. Once you have entered all your donation amounts, check to make sure the total donation matches what you want to give, and click the donate button.
On the next page is a summary of our donation selections and amounts. As this is a once off payment, we continue by pressing the “continue without logging in” button. This will bring a payment method dialogue.

As a once-off donor, you can pay via credit/debit cards or by BPAY. We are going to make our donation via debit card. Fill in the information as you would on any online payment platform. Ensure to add your email here, and double check that its correct, as the receipt will be emailed there. If you are logged in, you can also register your card details, and eGIVING will remember those for the next time you want to make a donation. Once you have confirmed your details, press the confirm payment button.

You will be now taken to a confirmation screen. From here you can check your email, and within a few moments you should have received your receipt. You can open that up and save it for your own records. If you have any questions, feel free to comment in the space below.

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