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  • Website, iOS and Android
  • Returning tithes
  • Collecting offerings and donations
  • Fast, simple, secure payments
  • Automated integration with T&O

 If you require assistance using eGIVING please contact us at  


What is MyAdventist and eGIVING

How to make a once-off donation using eGIVING

Using the BPAY payment method in eGIVING

Recurring donations

Change email for receipts



Promotional videos

How-to articles

How to set a home church in eGIVING

How to reset password for eGIVING (only for Password Logins)

How to login to eGIVING

How to logout of eGIVING

Updating offerings and church contact details

eGIVING Feature - Offering of the Week

How offerings are added and administered in eGIVING

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