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Want to sign-up your church/entity to Events Registration? Click here

Watch the Getting Started Videos


  • Create and customise your event webpage that's mobile-friendly
  • Gather the details you need from your attendees
  • Sell event tickets, and related tickets (e.g. meal/accommodation/resources): paid/free, with/without GST
  • Handles complex events and allows attendee registrations to be edited (e.g. adjust tickets purchased, or add another attendee)
  • Processes online payments (Visa/Mastercard) and records offline payments (cash, direct deposit, etc)
  • Statements emailed, including tax invoice details/receipts/refunds
  • Integrates with accounting software - CMF data export includes project/account/other analysis codes
  • Check-in module to keep up to date with arrivals and departures, and customisible lists
  • Check-in module allows quick-reference to attendee's responses e.g. for seminar selections, allergies, emergency contact
  • And more... see Events Features


  • The Events Processing Fee is 30c per ticket sold plus 1.5% of the total transaction value.
  • Free events = no fee  (Free events defined where the total ticket sold value is $0.00)
  • Note that for large free events, there may be a charge applied to offset costs to support that event


Events Registration is the online tool for Event Organisers

It's a web based system where Event Organisers can publish event registration forms and collect registration details and payment. It allows people to fill in their details, register and pay online to secure their place at an event. The Checkin feature allows Event Organisers to conveniently access attendees' registration data, and create custom lists and list labels to track and edit in real-time the collection of resources, shuttle queues, medical flags, special needs, etc.

Check out the tips and hints at Events Best Practice to help you organise and deliver your event.

Events Best Practice

Getting Started - Videos - Events Registration

Events Features

Events Accountants Guide

Adding or removing an Event Editor

Creating an Event - v2

Copying an event

Events Templates v2- inserting, adding and deleting

Using the v2 Pagebuilder - examples

Package Tickets - v2

Date Email and Phone number field validation - v2

Ticket Grid - v2

Editing a registration - v1

Editing a registration - v2

Payment by installments

Recording a non-credit card payment

Refunding an attendee - v1

Refunding an attendee - v2

Resending a statement by email

Cancelling a registration

Receipt Export Report

Reserved tickets

Events Reports - downloading to Excel

Events FAQ

How-to articles

Checkin - Video 'How to use Check-in'

Check-in Find Person

Check-in - Marking an attendee as Arrived

Check-in Categories and Actions sample

Check-in settings Action Categories, Action & Status Values

Check-in settings Info Questions

Check-in settings Info Tickets

Check-in - Checklists

Check-in - Changing attendee's status in an action list

Troubleshooting articles

Check-in Reports - downloading to Excel

Event shows as sold out - items to check

Events Processing Fee Report

Events Processing Fee

Events Payment information

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