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 Click link to view video: Checkin - Video 'How to use Check-in'

Use the Checklists feature to sort attendee data, according to the action lists and status values that have been set-up. E.g. see a list of attendees who are yet to arrive; or see a list of attendees who have arrived but have not yet collected their registration pack.


When logged in to Events, click the Checkin (green tick) button next to the Event Title. In Checkin, click Checklists.


By default, the Checkin action list appears, showing attendees who are marked as Arrived


To view attendees who have a different status value (e.g. Departed, for those who are recorded as having left the event site/location), click the status drop-down field and select from the options shown


To view a different checklist, click the drop-down CheckList field, then click to select a different Action value; or see step 5 to use Categories when viewing checklists


Click the Category drop-down and select from the list; the Actions in that category are loaded (may take 5-10 seconds)


Select an Action and status from the drop-down fields, click Refresh (blue arrow icon)

At the top of the first column of data results, click the red down-arrow to sort/unsort the list (toggles on/off)

At the top of the second column of data results, click the drop-down and select a second action list (from the same category) to be displayed


To download the data shown on the screen as an excel spreadsheet, click download

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