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Finding a person/attendee using Checkin's Find Person feature

 Click link to view video: Checkin - Video 'How to use Checkin'


Click Find Person on the Checkin homepage

or, click Find Person on the Checkin toolbar

  1. Type the person's name (or part thereof)
  2. Click the blue Search button
  3. Click on the person's name
  4. Details card appears

If the person's name is unavailable, instead of entering their name, enter another detail that they have provided as part of their registration, click the blue Search button, and a list of all attendees who have given that response will appear. Review the list to find the person required.

Examples of data that could be entered to search for the sample attendee shown above: S (shirt size), 1975 (part of their date of birth), Central Avenue (part of their address they provided when completing the registration webform), asthma (medical condition entered on their registration webform).

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