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Check-in Reports are available according to the Action Categories and Values that have been set for a particular event.

Until further development on Check-in is undertaken to provide a direct download service, the data from Check-in can be pasted into a Wordpad note, then imported into Excel, steps are provided below.


Open Check-in by clicking the green tick next to the Event title


Click Reports on the top menu. A list of reports appears

Reports contents will be determined by the Action Categories and Values that have been set for this event


Click a report link

Blue link = Action Category report, shows all values (usually, attendees) within that category

Green link = Action Value report, shows all attendees recorded with that value/flag


Select the text in the table. Open Notepade and paste the text, save the file


Open Excel, open a blank worksheet. On the Data ribbon, select Get External Data, select From Text

Navigate to the text file, click Import

  1. The Text Import Wizard commences, select Fixed width and click Next.
  2. Adjust the column width (black arrow) in the data preview if necessary, click Next

Note the column arrow shown above appears to be incorrectly placed (too far to the right of the surname's first letter), however it yields the required result

  1. Set the column data form to General (usually is the default), click Finish.

2. Import data window appears, set the data to be imported into the Existing worksheet, click OK.

3. Data is shown in the worksheet.

(info) Tip - To convert the data into a table, select the active cells, press Ctrl+T