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Select which questions from the event registration webpage are shown on the attendee's info dialog in Checkin. See further below for a sample setup and sample attendee info dialog

 Click link to view video: Checkin - Video 'How to use Checkin'


When logged-in to Events, click the Checkin button (green tick) next to the Event Title


Click Settings in the Admin access section


Click Info Questions in the Settings menu


Click Add to add a question to display in the info dialog for attendees


Complete the fields, click Create

Caption - this text appears on the dialog form as a title for the question responses
Question - select which question's response/answer is to be displayed
Category - optional, select from drop-down list if you have added a category(s)
Order - determines the question's order/place on the info dialog; items with the same order are sorted alphabetically; 0 = first, 1 = second, and so on


Info question is shown. To delete it, click the red "X" delete button

7Repeat steps 4-6 to add more info questions to the attendee's info dialog

Sample setup for info questions

Results - at the Checkin/Find Person screen, attendee info dialog shows the info questions that have been setup using the steps above

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