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If you are part of the accounting team who regularly reviews Events transactions and posts them into SUN, and do not currently have access to your conference/union's live/upcoming/past events, please contact servicedesk and we can update your access.


Events is a web based system where Event Managers can publish event registration forms and collect registration details and payment. It allows people to fill in their details, register and pay online to secure their place at an event. The Checkin feature allows Event Managers to conveniently access attendees' registration data, and create custom lists and list labels to track and edit in real-time the collection of resources, shuttle queues, medical flags, special needs, etc.

Examples of its use are shown in the table below.

Community and Staff events



Sale/Request Resources

Symposiums, Youth rallies, Road to Bethlehem

CHIP, CHIP Facilitator training

"Big Camp" conference camps


In-service training for teachers/pastors

Depression and Anxiety Recovery Programs, and Training Programs for leaders

Local church camps


Fun Runs

Pathfinder camps, Pathfinder Camporees, Pathfinder Expeditions, Adventurer camps

ADRA Appeal Supplies

Fundraising concerts

Junior camp, teen camp, summer camp, youth camps, ski camps

"Big Camp" staff Tshirts

This guide is intended to act as a signpost to direct you towards providing the Event Manager with the correct information and assistance.

System Overview

  1. Event administrators can configure tickets/items that are available for sale as part of the registration form. This may or may not include GST.
  2. After completing the registration form, event customers may make payment via Mastercard or Visa in the secure payment screen. They will be presented with a receipt/ Tax Invoice page after payment is completed.
  3. The supplied Credit Card details are processed through the SPD Payment Gateway. Card details are not permanently stored.
  4. Received funds are directed to the nominated CMF account, along with the corresponding merchant fees and Event Registration facility fee. Each registration will appear as a transaction line on your CMF bank statement, along with any associated fees and charges.
  5. A corresponding journal import file is available for download in the CMF Online portal page. The journal import file contains a list of all the items that appear on your bank account along with a complete breakdown of all the sub components of the sale and optional tax components. All the components are marked with the appropriate account and analysis codes so it can easily be imported into you accounting system. (Tested in SUN and Vision Excel).

Setup details

If you will be receiving payments by Visa and/or Mastercard, you will need to approach CMF to have your accounting staff registered as users of the CMF Online System.
This will allow them to download the import journals.
Note: Event administrators ("Event Editors") do not need access to this CMF Online System.
Email: [email protected] for more details.
The details that need to be supplied to the event manager are:

  • Your Company Name – for the tax invoice page (needed at the Client details level)
  • Your ABN – for the tax invoice page (needed at the Client details level)

    per Event:
  • The CMF Bank Account Number (required, if receiving payment by Visa and/or Mastercard)
  • CMF Account API Key (required, if receiving payment by Visa and/or Mastercard)
  • Ledger Bank Account Number – (optional) for journal download file, ledger account that refers to the CMF bank account.
  • Project Income Account Number – (optional) for journal download file
  • Project Expense Account Number – (optional) for journal download file
  • Tax Collected Account Number – (optional) for journal download file
  • Tax Paid Account Number – (optional) for journal download file
  • Analysis Code 1 – (optional) for journal download file. For example you could use the Department code
  • Analysis Code 2 – (optional) for journal download file. For example you could use the Project Number code



Currently the credit card gateway supports AUD and NZD. The events registration system can be configured to operate in either currency, and includes relevant country GST support.
The currency and GST rate is automatically configured if you enter a valid CMF account number in the event configuration.


Where a refund is provided via Events, CMF doesn't generate refund ledger entries. There would be a significant amount of development work required for CMF to generate refund ledger entries, as this would be a complex action to undertake, and this feature has not been prioritized to date. Refund ledger entries are to be completed manually.


1To login to CMF go to and enter your normal login details.

Select The CMF Online application. (Not available until after registration with CMF has been completed)


For each day's transactions you can generate a corresponding ledger import.

Recommended configuration

This is the recommended method for operation.
Maintain a CMF account named "<entity> payment gateway" or "<entity> ecommerce" This account is intended to exclusively handle e-commerce transactions that are generated by internally integrated applications (Events Registration, eGiving, etc). 
An import file will then be created by the integrated application which can then be imported into your ledger (SUN, GL). We recommended a separate CMF account to simplify the data import and reconciliation process in your ledger.

Fees and charges

Events Processing Fee is 30c per ticket sold plus 1.5% of the total transaction value. Free events (where tickets sold is %0.00) do not incur the Events Processing Fee. Note that for large free events, a support fee may be incurred.

Merchant fee charges will be applicable per transaction. Please contact the CMF team for further details on these, email: [email protected]

  • AUD Amex and Diners Club are not accepted.
  • Events not using the CMF payment gateway are free.
  • For AUD Visa and Mastercard merchant fee charges will be applicable per transaction.
  • For NZD Visa and Mastercard merchant fee charges will be applicable per transaction.


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