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Package tickets allow the combination of two or more tickets for sale, in one single "package ticket". This feature is available in Events Registration version 2.

The individual tickets that comprise the package ticket must have tickets available and the package ticket must have tickets available; otherwise the package ticket cannot be sold/selected.

View the webinar on package tickets here - refer to the video Package Tickets and Conditional Visibility, first 9 minutes covers package tickets, the remainder is on conditional visibility.

Creating a package ticket

1Create the tickets that are to be included in the package ticket
2Create a new ticket, complete the ticket name, price, availability details (this is to be the package ticket)

On the Package tab, tick the This is a ticket package box; click to select the individual tickets that the package ticket is to be comprised of

Tickets that will form the package ticket are shown in the Included green list


Check that Included tickets have been chosen correctly

a. Click to turn on Devinfo

b. Compare the Included ticket numbers with the object numbers on the PageBuilder and in the Unused tickets lists. The sample below shows a package ticket that includes two tickets shown on the webpage and one unused ticket.

There may be occasions where not all tickets included in a package ticket are made available for individual selection on an Event page, this is permitted. There must be (a) at least one of each ticket comprising the package ticket available; and (b) at least one of the package ticket available; for the package ticket can be chosen/selected by an event attendee.

5Click Save

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Adding/removing tickets included in the package ticket

(info) Note that tickets may be added or removed from a package ticket before the package ticket is sold. Once one or more package tickets are sold, individual tickets cannot be added or removed from the package ticket


Doubleclick to open the package ticket, click the Package tab


To add a ticket to the package

In the Available list, scroll down to find the required ticket, click the checkbox next to the ticket name. Ticket now appears in the Included list.


To remove an included ticket

In the Included list, scroll down to find the required ticket, click the checkbox next to the ticket name. Ticket now appears in the Available list.

4Click Save

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Over Allocated package ticket

Where the number of Total Tickets listed for sale for a package ticket is greater than the number of the package's available components ('child' tickets), the number of 'Over Allocated' tickets is displayed. Only 'Available' tickets can be selected/purchased by attendees, 'Over Allocated' tickets are not available for sale.

e.g. An event organiser creates a Books ticket with 75 available, and a CDs ticket with 60 available, and a Resources ticket (package of Books and CDs ticket) with 75 available. The Resources ticket will immediately show 15 Over Allocated in the package. Once the event goes live, an attendee purchases 5 CDs, then the Resources ticket will show 20 Over Allocated.

Adjusting an Over Allocated package ticket


Open the ticket's details (double-click on the ticket). On the General tab, review the live ticket data.

Ticket below shows 3 Over Allocated tickets.


Change the number of Total Tickets available, click Update.

Review the updated live ticket data, zero (0) Over Allocated tickets are displayed.


Click Save

Tips for working with package tickets

  • Where the Package ticket is comprised of a number of 'child' tickets, do not set any of the 'child' tickets to be a package ticket themselves.

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