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Set up payment by installments

Allow attendees to pay by installments by completing details on the Other Options tab.

View amount owing for attendee who is paying by installments


Log in to Events, to the right of the Event name, click View Statements


Type the attendee’s firstname or surname in the Search box, attendees list is filtered by the search term


Click View this statement


The first statement line 'Tax Invoice' indicates amount owing, and subsequent lines show installment payments as they are deducted from the user’s visa/mastercard and received


Use the Registration Data Export Report

  1. When logged-in to Events, click Reports, select your Event from the drop-down list.
  2. Select the Registration Data Export Report
  3. Click Download


Refer to the Total Amount, AmountOutstanding and IsPaid columns.

IsPaid column: 1 = yes, 0 = no

Installments calculated from the date of registration

Installments are calculated from the attendee's registration date. If installments are paused (due to insufficient funds), and at a later date the attendee then navigates to and selects 'pay by installments' for the remaining balance, the installments will be from that later date.

Process where a scheduled credit card payment is declined

  1. If an installment payment 'bounces' due to 'insufficient funds', a statement is issued by email to the attendee "Scheduled Payment Error". After 24 hours another installment payment attempt will be made.
  2. If the attendee's bank returns a message other than 'insufficient funds' on the first attempt to pay an installment (e.g. stolen card/do not honour), or if the second installment payment attempt (24 hours after the first attempt) fails, both the attendee and the event organiser will receive an email advising the installment payment has failed. Installment payments will be paused at that point.
  3. To re-instate installments, the attendee may visit to re-commence payment by installments or alternatively may pay the outstanding amount in full (so long as this is before the 'Final installment' date), or make alternate arrangements with the event organiser.
  4. Each transaction (successful or failed) appears on the attendee's Statement.

Sample "Scheduled Payment Error" statement