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Examples of payments could include: cash, cheque, direct deposit, or 'other'


Click the View Statements button to the right of the Event title


Click the View this Statement button to the left of the attendee's name

If the attendee's name does not appear on the first page, use the Search feature or increase the number of entries shown or navigate to the next page of attendees


Click to expand the Other manual payment section

Select the Payment method from the drop-down list, if required then adjust the amount to pay, note the Email statement to customer box is ticked by default; click Pay


The Finalise Statement screen appears, with a notice confirming a receipt has been added to the statement for $xx.00

If no further monies are owed, a further notice will appear immediately below saying 'This Statement has been Finalised'

(info)  Before the attendee has paid, Events shows their Statement with a 'currently outstanding' amount. After the attendee is marked as having completed a manual payment, Tax Invoice Details are added below the Statement, showing the attendee has paid.  

The report "Receipt report" will show StatementID and which can be matched with StatementID on the "Registration data export" report. 

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