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Refunding an attendee - v1

 Note, you must have an 'administrator' role in the Events software to refund an event attendee

Events Processing Fee - calculated on tickets sold

Registrations from 01 February 2018 incur the Events Processing Fee. The processing fee is calculated on registrations (where an attendee has selected tickets, and agreed to the terms and conditions of the event). Where an attendee has registered but not yet paid, their tickets will incur the processing fee (excluding 'free' events). You may wish to review your attendee list regularly, and cancel registrations of attendees who have not paid according to your event's requirements. Cancelling a registration removes it from the attendee list. More information at Events Processing Fee and Events Processing Fee Report


Step 1

Login to MyAdventist, and select Event Registration

If you can't see it, try typing "Event" in the 'App search' box, or change to the Applications tab, which shows all applications you have access to


Step 2

Click the Events button


Step 3

Identify the correct event. If the event is not listed:

  1. Click the drop-down box at Show entries, to see more events
  2. Type the name of your event in the search box
  3. Click on Future (for events that have not commenced), Past (for events that have ended), or All, then repeat the above steps


Step 4

Click Edit this event (the paper and pencil icon) to the left of the event name. The Edit Event screen will appear.


Step 5

Click Events, the Events summary screen appears.


Step 6

From the list of events, select the attendees page (group of people icon)


Step 7

Identify the attendee that is to be refunded, and edit their registration by clicking on the pencil/paper icon


Step 8

Select from the options: a full refund, edit which tickets they have selected, or just apply an ad-hoc refund amount



Step 9

Click Save at the bottom of the form. This will recalculate the amount owed or to refund. The next screen that appears is the Finalise Statement screen, where a refund to credit card is possible

Step 10

Finalise Statement screen appears, where a credit card refund can be completed. Note below, options for Manual refunds, and to email statement (note change of email address can be done here)


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