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We use Jasper to complete leave/expenses/purchaseorders/expenses. Jasper is available online, anytime anywhere.

Logging in to Jasper - first login


Open your work email, you should have received an email with subject 'Invitation to access Jasper' from Open the email and click on the invitation link.


If you aren't already loggged in to myAdventist, click the Staff button and complete your username (firstnamelastname) and password, click Login. 

myAdventist is used to authenticate your username and password, and once you have logged in it displays a launchpage to a number of work-related software applications


The Jasper screen opens, with menus


Click the menu and then select the action you wish to take (example below shows the Leave module, action is 'create' and then 'Leave Requests')


Help material for creating/approving/processing items in Jasper is available on the Knowledge Base at
It is helpful if you can attach supporting documents to the relevant expense/purchase order line, instructions are at


To logout of Jasper, click your name at the top right and select Logoff from the drop-down menu (this will also log you out of myAdventist), or simply close the browser.

Alternatively, to return to myAdventist portal page (applications page), click the myAdventist icon at the top left of the page.

Logging in to Jasper - subsequent logins


Navigate directly to (you will need to complete the myAdventist Staff login if not already logged in);


Login to using your Staff login, and then select Jasper (click the Applications tab if Jasper is not displayed on your Recent tab)

Help resources

Jasper instructional articles, videos and frequently asked questions are available at the Knowledge Base at

To see the steps that your Jasper webform will move through, see the workflow diagrams at

If you have reviewed the help resources and still require assistance, please contact servicedesk by email with details of the leave/expense/etc number and description of what is to be achieved.

Email and/or SMS notifications

If you would like to receive an email and/or sms when your Jasper item is approved/processed, or be alerted when there is a Jasper item awaiting your attention, this can be achieved in the message preference settings section of myAdventist, instructions are at