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Notifications - message preference settings in MyAdventist

Click this link to view a Video - Notification Management - MyAdventist

Receiving notifications

Notifications sent by email and/or SMS can be turned on or off, using the settings shown below. Also note the notifications badges that appear onscreen, showing items ready for your attention.

  1. Email and SMS notification settings within MyAdventist  
    1. Open MyAdventist, next to your name click the drop-down arrow and select Preferences
    2.  Confirm that you have email notifications turned on (ticked), or turned off (unticked), click Done


  2. More than one MyAdventist profile
    If you have more than one MyAdventist profile, check the notifications settings for each profile using the instructions above for 'receiving notifications'

Viewing notifications

  1. Notifications badge
    1. When you log into MyAdventist, the outstanding notifications badge appears next to your name; click on the badge, then in the window that appears select a program to open (eg Jasper)
    2. The messages will appear
    3. At the MyAdventist homepage, click on the Messages tab. The number of messages is shown as a badge, click to open the program(s)